Top Kitchen Countertops Trends That You Certainly Can’t-Miss

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There is no denying the fact that home is the biggest investment for most of the people, but it needs attention from time to time. A safer, cleaner and a comfortable home are all we need to live a happy life and for that, you need to make sure that our home is in good condition. Being the house owner, it is your sole responsibility that you take care of your house and invest to make it more beautiful as possible.

Among all, the kitchen is one of the most used places the house. You can consider as the centre part of your home where the majority of the day to day activities take place. Whether it’s making a cup of coffee to start your day or cooking dinner for your family, the kitchen is the place that you enter more often than you can count. Now talking about the kitchen, a countertop is the most important component part where the majority of the kitchen stuff takes place. Apart from usages, it also plays a key role in adding the decor of the kitchen, so it is necessary that you keep renovating it after every few years.

Well, when it comes to kitchen countertops, the market is filled with plenty of options and it can be really confusing to pick anyone. Here, in this blog, we have prepared a list of top tending kitchen countertops that people are using it very excitingly. Now, let us see them one by one.

1- Woods- best for a rustic appearance

If you want to give a bit rustic look to your kitchen, then wood countertop can be a great idea. It gives a very peaceful and comforting appearance and you can choose any colour that you want. Unlike other materials, wood will not get any kind of scratch of stains and will maintain its lustrous look even after many years. In order to make the payment for it, you can knock the doors of a direct lender who provide bad credit loans with an instant decision in Ireland.

2- Quartz is dominating

Earlier, granite was considered the sole option for the kitchen countertops by the people. However, things have changed drastically and now the quartz has replaced granite due to its downside. Granites are porous in nature which means that it all types of liquids including water, oil, wine and others might seep through the surface resulting in a staining issue. Other than that, it is prone to bacterial breeding, thus making the kitchen unhygienic and poses a great health risk for the house members. On the other hand, Quartz is as strong as the granite and it possesses anti-bacterial properties and the surface can be easily washed off. Also, you can choose whatever colour you like when choosing quartz as the material for your kitchen countertop.

3- Marble-can be used anywhere

 Be it a kitchen, bathroom, or any part of the house, marble is one of the most used materials in improving the look of the house. Mostly, marbles are used in bathrooms, but it can be well-adjusted in the bathroom too as it provides a luxury background wherever it is placed. Good things about marble are that its surface is cool and also is not very hard which make it easy to shape it in anything you want. However, marble can cost you a good amount of money. So, if you don’t have enough money in your pocket, then you can apply for home improvement loans from direct lenders as you will get the loan instantly and without any complications.

5- Honed countertops are best in designs

Well, designing gives additional texture and makes the surface attractive and this is the reason why people have been using in kitchen countertops as well. Honed and leathers are highly popular among all the textures as it can be applied to any material including marble, quartz, granite, and others. Even though polished surface are also popular but these two comes with its own set of benefits. In Honed texture, you get the matte finish where you can get little to no shine as per your preference. The look you will get depends on the type of surface material that you choose. Generally, honed designs suits with marble as the marble adjust its lack of shine texture and conceal any scratch as well. So, these were the most trending countertops that people are going for their kitchens. You can pick any one of them as per your need and what suits your kitchen the most.

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